A New Start

Well, all the posts that I had here at the Brick Blog disappeared. That’s alright, I hadn’t been keeping up all that well anyhow. I look at it as a chance for a fresh start.

When I first started this site, the idea was to discuss the (at that time still being built) LEGOLAND® Florida park being built on the site of the former Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida. Well, the park has been open for a few years now, and instead of talking to you as an occasional visitor I can talk to you as an employee! That’s right, I have been working for Merlin Entertainments (the Legoland parent company) for nearly two months. I work in the call center located on the Winter Haven property. And while I deal with the California properties – Legoland, Sea-Life Aquarium, and the Legoland Hotel – I get to come to work each day at the park. How awesome is that?

LLF-Hotel-Frontage-Visual-FloridaThe big news here in Florida is that this location will soon have it’s own Legoland Hotel.

“The opening of a LEGOLAND Hotel will transition LEGOLAND Florida from a single-day visit theme park to a multi-day resort destination,” said Jones. “This will serve as a catalyst for future economic development in Polk County.”

Welcoming guests with a multicolored exterior and entrance, the four-story LEGOLAND Hotel will immerse families with young children in the world of LEGO®, as an extension of the vibrant and interactive theme park experience. Created to bring children’s imaginations to life, the LEGO-themed hotel will feature 152 brightly colored and highly themed rooms and suites, LEGO décor; interactive play areas; a pool and a restaurant.

That is very exciting news, indeed. They’ve already started the site prep work, and construction should be starting soon. The goal is to have the hotel open in 2015, hopefully in the first quarter. Stay tuned for news, as I have it.

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